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He still follows every race in F1 with great interest. He believes that there is much work to do to make F1 more appealing as a spectator sports. However, he hopes that changes to the aerodynamic rules in 2020 will lead to more overtaking and that there should be more level playing fields so that middle-ranked teams can compete with the top teams.

What if he didn't want to be a driver again, but wanted to use his calculated mind to run an F1 Team? "I would love it, because it's an awesome job. The time commitment is a problem. This is just as demanding as driving, and this was one of the main reasons why I quit. It's intense, and I don't want to do it again. It's just as intense, if not more. They are all in the office on Monday because they have worked at the weekend. As a driver, you can relax at home."

Rosberg appears to be at peace with his current position,replica watches having achieved a pinnacle few drivers have ever reached. Has he any regrets regarding his career? "I'm lucky, because my career is totally fulfilled. It's a great feeling to go out in such a positive way. I am still riding the wave and may be for ever. It's wonderful to go out with such a bang after having achieved my dream. I am so glad that I retired when I did."

Rosberg is a father of two daughters aged 1 and 3. When he's not in Monaco or on the road, he relaxes at his villa with his family in Ibiza. He is a Formula E shareholder and also works with several start-ups. One of them is the London-based What3Words. It aims to revolutionise the mapping industry by dividing up the world into squares measuring 3m in width and assigning each one its own unique combination of three words.Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches This means that Rosberg will no longer be looking at Google Maps to see if the place is around here ...". It's just one of many projects he is working on, all with the hope of making a difference. "It's all about impact. I want my work to make a difference. Positive impact on the future. It is important to have a positive impact on our futures. "

Rosberg says he is in excellent shape because he plays a lot tennis. He said, "I played for the Monaco national team as a youngster." It's about hand-eye coordinaton, and the skills for driving, golf, and tennis are similar. It's likely that if you're a good driving, you will be able to do any other sport or activity as well.

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