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But I'm curious to know if they ever had much love to lose. Rosberg spent a great deal of time with them when they were teenagers. But did he really consider them friends? He says "Best Friends" quickly and then repeats more slowly, "Best Friends." We were teammates when we raced go-karts and shared a room with each other all year. The rivalry between us was fierce, and we were good friends. Later, the relationship changed and it was no longer a friendship. "It's a shame, but in this environment, there is no other way. When you're two guys fighting for a championship, there is no way to become friends."

Is he thinking that they could one day have a beer? "Of course, why not?" All because we couldn't accept losing. "We both believe we are better than each other and neither of us accepts being second."

It's not something he shouts about, but his desire to win is incredibly strong.Tag Heuer Replica Watches Rosberg may have inherited this desire to win, since his father Keke, who was also a Finnish F1 champion in 1982, is no stranger to the sport. They are the only father-son champions other than Damon and Graham Hill. Unfortunately, Graham Hill did not survive to witness his son's win.

Keke, who is known for his risk-taking driving style, praised Nico's cerebral and scientific approach when he won the title. He said that "not many people outside of the sport appreciate the efforts made to achieve this." "Nutrition was key, as were time differences, training and emptying your brain at the correct time. It was all about performance."

Rosberg Jr.'s meticulous attention to detail can be seen in how he calculated in the summer 2016 that if stopped cycling, he would lose one kilo in muscle mass in his ingenieur replica He said that one kilo equals 4/100ths a second on a lap. "That's huge. Sometimes it can be the difference between winning and placing second. After the summer in Japan I won the championship by just 3/100ths.

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